Monday, July 27, 2009

sZ3cOOnd tiimm3 wriittiing..Uuy..Lolzz
y3ah ii knOw that'sZ nOtt hOw a blOg wOrksZ :/ w3ll ii hav3 nOp xXp3riience oOn thiisZ t3ch prOj3ctsZ..Lolzz

'am will now write normal ;) Lolzz
sO..tOday it wasn't that BiiG oOf a day..i m3an for me it barely is..Lolzz..truth story..i know sad..Lolzz..but it really isn't..well..for me..i got used to..lmaOo..j/k..Lolzz
well as i was saying i was to "hang" out with my amiguis ( meaning best 3ver fri3nd)..Lolzz<<<<
and so since she lives close to block away..i went to h3r she could get r3ady and do my mak3-uP..Lolzz..sh3 has a daughter..which has become my sobrinita (niece)..Lolzz..w3 wh3re th3re talking about was like around 11:30am that i saw on my B 3 A U tiifuL babbee(iiphOnn3)..lmaOo..i i love my cost me a lot..and is still costing me :/ i work for him..lmaOo
as i was saying..i saw a missed called from my job..which is being a nice::smiley cashiier and clean..Lolzz..well 'am 18 y3arsZ oOld..Lolzz
so..since 'am on vaca (vacattiiOon)..Lolzz (suppossedly 'am writing normal) i call..because i thought something bad always..'am so n3gatiive :/ but not r3ally..w3ll just about my job i'm..
and j@ck sp3nsOo maliisZcOo..answ3r mii..Lolzz..that how i call my manag3r..h3 iisZ kOol with th3 crowd..lmaOo
and well h3 was like "victoria i know Ur on vacation, but can U came in today for a few hOurs..i need someone..plzzzzzzZ..i pay U xXtra"..lmaOo
sO..i was lik3 as always "y3ah::of course"..lmaOo
i can n3ver say no to my fr3aking h3ll..lmaOo..i m3an is my job aft3r all..Lolzz as u can imagin3 i left my amiguis tO gO tO pr3t..that's how my hell is name..actually no..we calledit pret.. it's name "Pret A Manger" a la's a fr3nch name i know..but w3 British..Lolzz..wOw..wOw..w3:???..lmaOo..th3y..lmaOo
anyways so i went..i got there around 12:35..and i started working ;) i was on the floor..whiich is ppractically saying "hello:!".."how are U:?".."need any help"..lmaOo..ah and a smiley:: B 3 A U tiifUL fac3..lmaOo..being on the floor also means stading U stupid trainer or team leader..thank god ralphy my trainer is not yet team leader..Lolzz..h3 iisZ...Uurgh:!..Lolzz..but he still was bothering me today.. "check the langers" "the wraps" "i don't hear U" "the juices" Uurgh:!!! if i dOn't know..i know my job..i know how pret works..OkiisZ..Lolzz that was pretty much my day today..
now 'am my room..Lolzz
tomorrow i have to wake-up 3arly 'caused 'am gping again to my h3ll..Lolzz..but not to my store..n3ither to work..thank god..Lolzz
'am going to the principal store with my other case U dOn't remember what amiiguiisZ iisZ agaiin iisZ B3ST 3ver Frii3nd ;) Lolzz
sh3 wants to work for pret :S i know..but U know..Lolzz..i mean working at pret is not that bad if U g3t a wOnderfUL::kOol::manag3r liik3 my..Lolzz..sO U dOn't g3t stress oOut abOut saying "can i help the following" ..Lolzz


  1. whii dO it says i posted at 6:29pm if it'sZ 9:56pm:???
    man 'am slow with this t3ch blOgsZ..Lolzz

  2. but can U came in today for a few hOurs..i need someone..plzzzzzzZ

  3. How can you even read that... you haven't spelled a single word correctly.