Monday, July 27, 2009

sZ3cOOnd tiimm3 wriittiing..Uuy..Lolzz
y3ah ii knOw that'sZ nOtt hOw a blOg wOrksZ :/ w3ll ii hav3 nOp xXp3riience oOn thiisZ t3ch prOj3ctsZ..Lolzz

'am will now write normal ;) Lolzz
sO..tOday it wasn't that BiiG oOf a day..i m3an for me it barely is..Lolzz..truth story..i know sad..Lolzz..but it really isn't..well..for me..i got used to..lmaOo..j/k..Lolzz
well as i was saying i was to "hang" out with my amiguis ( meaning best 3ver fri3nd)..Lolzz<<<<
and so since she lives close to block away..i went to h3r she could get r3ady and do my mak3-uP..Lolzz..sh3 has a daughter..which has become my sobrinita (niece)..Lolzz..w3 wh3re th3re talking about was like around 11:30am that i saw on my B 3 A U tiifuL babbee(iiphOnn3)..lmaOo..i i love my cost me a lot..and is still costing me :/ i work for him..lmaOo
as i was saying..i saw a missed called from my job..which is being a nice::smiley cashiier and clean..Lolzz..well 'am 18 y3arsZ oOld..Lolzz
so..since 'am on vaca (vacattiiOon)..Lolzz (suppossedly 'am writing normal) i call..because i thought something bad always..'am so n3gatiive :/ but not r3ally..w3ll just about my job i'm..
and j@ck sp3nsOo maliisZcOo..answ3r mii..Lolzz..that how i call my manag3r..h3 iisZ kOol with th3 crowd..lmaOo
and well h3 was like "victoria i know Ur on vacation, but can U came in today for a few hOurs..i need someone..plzzzzzzZ..i pay U xXtra"..lmaOo
sO..i was lik3 as always "y3ah::of course"..lmaOo
i can n3ver say no to my fr3aking h3ll..lmaOo..i m3an is my job aft3r all..Lolzz as u can imagin3 i left my amiguis tO gO tO pr3t..that's how my hell is name..actually no..we calledit pret.. it's name "Pret A Manger" a la's a fr3nch name i know..but w3 British..Lolzz..wOw..wOw..w3:???..lmaOo..th3y..lmaOo
anyways so i went..i got there around 12:35..and i started working ;) i was on the floor..whiich is ppractically saying "hello:!".."how are U:?".."need any help"..lmaOo..ah and a smiley:: B 3 A U tiifUL fac3..lmaOo..being on the floor also means stading U stupid trainer or team leader..thank god ralphy my trainer is not yet team leader..Lolzz..h3 iisZ...Uurgh:!..Lolzz..but he still was bothering me today.. "check the langers" "the wraps" "i don't hear U" "the juices" Uurgh:!!! if i dOn't know..i know my job..i know how pret works..OkiisZ..Lolzz that was pretty much my day today..
now 'am my room..Lolzz
tomorrow i have to wake-up 3arly 'caused 'am gping again to my h3ll..Lolzz..but not to my store..n3ither to work..thank god..Lolzz
'am going to the principal store with my other case U dOn't remember what amiiguiisZ iisZ agaiin iisZ B3ST 3ver Frii3nd ;) Lolzz
sh3 wants to work for pret :S i know..but U know..Lolzz..i mean working at pret is not that bad if U g3t a wOnderfUL::kOol::manag3r liik3 my..Lolzz..sO U dOn't g3t stress oOut abOut saying "can i help the following" ..Lolzz

Monday, July 20, 2009

my fiirsZt

OkiisZ..w3ll thiisZ iisZ liik3 my fiirst tiim3 wriitiing oOn my blOg..Lolzz
trU3 stOrii..Lolzz..diidn't knOw hOw thiisZ blOg thiingy wOrksZ..Lolzz..still hav3 nOt th3 sligest iid3a..Lolzz..but ii gu3ss 'am g3ttiing iit..Lolzz..sOonn3r oOr latt3r..Lolzz

aniiwaiisZ..w3ll..ii mad3 a blOg 'caUsZ3d...Lolzz..actUally ii dOn't quiit3 know why i did a blog..but it seems that everibody got one..and i was lik3 "man i need to make one too"..lmaOo..OkiisZ it wasn't lik3 all..Lolzz..mayb3 just a biitt..Lolzz..oOr mayb3 iit wasZ actually all th3 way..Lolzz

w3ll ii hav3 a blog now..kOol..don't U gUysZ oOr giirLsZ..(ii m3an aniioOnn3 who iisZ r3adiing thiisZ nonsense)..Lolzz..thiink:?
ii thiink iisZ kiind oOf kOol that ii hav3 a blog..lmaOo..ii m3an ii can start by writing blogs..because i actually want people to read them..Lolzz i'm 11:16 in the night trying to write normal and something that actually makes sense..Lolzz..well this is first suck ass actually sucks..and 'am writing that because it's the wide::ugly truth<<<<..Lolzz

OkiisZ abOut tO put it on twitter..Lolzz